The Wilderness Stewardship Foundations core values are conservation, nature connection and personal development. 

We are implementing our values through conservation and stewardship projects where we learn from nature and support our partners in research, education of public and resource users and facilitating reconnection with nature. 

Our work is predominantly carried out in the Chilcotin Ark, an area of high ecological significance. This area contains 13 of the 16 biogeoclimatic zones in BC and is home to many endangered species like the White Bark Pine. The Chilcotin Ark is home to the best white bark pine population in Canada.

The connectivity between the protected areas in the park is essential to sustain viable populations of species residing in the Ark like:

Grizzly Bear

Black Bear

Mountain Cariboo


Canada Lynx

Mountain Goat


California & Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep


Rocky Mountain Elk

Canada Moose

White-tailed deer

Mule deer

Columbia black-tailed deer 

To ensure the preservation of this complex ecosystem we are engaging all resource users in the approach of a responsible land management.