Our number one priority is to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers, interns and staff. We have highlighted three principles that shape our COVID-19 Management Plan:

1. Personal Responsibility

2. A Safe Environment

3. Physical Distancing and Meaningful Interactions

Personal Responsibility

Extraordinary situations require enhanced safety measures. We operate on the principle of personal responsibility in all situations. We can assure you that our team is working consciously to meet the new safety standards to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and we expect the same from our guests and students. Personal hygiene, prevention measures and adequate social distancing are the responsibilities of each individual. Therefore we ask you to bring your own protective equipment like gloves, hand sanitizer and a comfortable face mask.  Ensuring that this criteria is met allows everybody to enjoy their journey in our unique wilderness environment.

A Safe Environment

We are in the fortunate situation to live in a natural environment. The remoteness of our facilities naturally promotes spaciousness away from crowded hotspots. Wilderness and nature allow you to focus on connecting to yourself, your environment and other people in a safe space. Our environment provides:

  • Wide open spaces for natural distancing
  • Private wilderness camps, cabins, rooms and tents
  • Protective equipment for our staff (gloves, face masks, hair nets)
  • Safety procedures for hygiene measures, such as disinfecting all high-touch surfaces on a regular basis
  • Encouragement of personal responsibility

Physical Distancing and Meaningful Interactions

Despite the measures to keep physical distance between one another, we value deep and meaningful social interactions in our community. We encourage everyone to interact within their own comfort level and respect the personal boundaries of others. Consideration, empathy and responsible communication are key ingredients to create an environment that enables meaningful interactions and facilitates outstanding trip experiences in line with the COVID-19 safety measures.

Our priority is to facilitate a safe, unique wilderness journey for you. We are committed to operating in line with our management plan and take responsibility to uphold our standards. If you have any further questions about the details of our COVID-19 safety measures, our wilderness stewards are here for you via email at info@wildernessstewards.com

Read our full COVID-19 Safety Plan here