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We operate on a Three Pillar philosophy of Nature Connection, Personal Development and Conservation and Stewardship. We implement our values through conservation projects, supporting our partners’ research and educating the public and resource users. Through all of this, we facilitate reconnection with nature. 

We carry out the majority of our work in the Chilcotin Ark, an ecologically important area that contains 13 of the 16 biogeoclimatic zones of BC and 15 of the 29 big-game species of North America.

With our partners, we have been involved in data collection of the animal and plant species of the Chilcotin Ark for 30 years. These projects have enhanced our understanding of the ecosystem to implement appropriate management strategies. Learn about each project here:

Education and empowerment is the key to inspiring people to conserve the land they are benefitting from. Building skills, knowledge and self-confidence in resource users empowers them to take initiative and contribute to stewardship and conservation. Learn more about each animal and plant species here:

Inspired to take action? Our volunteers are essential for implementing and managing conservation projects, contributing to our database and educating others about conservation. Donations are a great way to make your contribution to the conservation of an ecosystem and leave a lasting positive impact. 

Volunteer as a wilderness steward or make a donation today. Find out more: