The South Chilcotin Mountains are a biodiversity hotspot of provincial significance. The British Columbia government recognized this and established the South Chilcotin Mountain Park(SCMP) in 2004. In 2011 BC Parks began working on new management plans for the SCMP and 8 other parks in the Lillooet area. New draft plans have been published and are open for public input until April 30th 2014. We are participating in those plans and so should you. Follow this link to read the plans for the South Chilcotin Mountain Park and other local management plans. If you value our provincial parks, like we do, please get involved!


In 1990, a partnership between wilderness tourism operators in the Cariboo-Chilcotin led the project of establishing a land and resource management plan for the area. The management plan was completed and Big Creek Park was created as the outcome.

Following this successful collaboration, a similar process was undertaken to develop management directions for the use of Crown land and resources in the Lillooet Timber Supply Area. The process produced the Lillooet Land Resource Management Plan (LLRMP) which was drawn between 1999 and 2004. The founders of the WSF were the tourism industry representitives and major contributors in providing input to the plan and from this, the South Chilcotin Mountain Park was created.

In 2009, the Wilderness Tourism Association (WTA) and Council of Tourism Associations (COTA), with local tourism operators, created a memorandum of understanding with the BC mining industry, for the South Chilcotin Mountain Provincial Park. The purpose was to prove the economic value of tourism in the South Chilcotin Mountains and to show highest and best use of area. Some adjustments were made to the park boundary to satisfy the mining industry.

With our input on the new management plans we want to ensure the Bridge River Valley and Chilcotin Mountains stay pristine far into the future.

Send us your thoughts about it.