Ponds, lakes and streams are valuable resources of the the Bridge River Watershed. They are also very sensitive resources that need to be monitored and managed correctly.

Two man-made lakes exist in our area, Downton Lake and Carpenter Lake, which are the result of hydro-electric dams. These dams were both constructed in 1948, and have had considerable impact on local wildlife and fish populations. Salmon populations no longer occur in the many areas that the dams impacted. The dams have considerably reduced habitat, biological productivity, and blocked access to historic habitats of fish species. Historically black bears, grizzly bears, moose, elk, big horn sheep, deer, grouse and waterfowl all utilized the marshland and forest that existed before the dams were built. Impacts on wildlife have included loss of habitat, reduced productivity, and reduced wildlife migration.

Future studies by the WSF will focus on habitat restoration in the drawdown areas of the dams. We are also focused on balanced use of water resources and fish populations.